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Medication Packaging

We help your patients take their medications as prescribed with compliance packaging.

imageMedication adherence is one of the biggest challenges you face as healthcare provider. Even when patients intend to take their medications as prescribed, the sheer number of prescriptions they take, busy lives, and medical conditions that may cause memory loss or conclusion can contribute to missed doses, mistakes or even overdoses.

Our pharmacy can dispense medications using coordinated refills with compliance packaging that makes it easier for patients to remember to take their medications when scheduled, or for caregivers to administer medications to them.

With regularly shceduled visits, we help patients understand the goals of their medications and streamline the refill process.

Medications are available in:

  • Multi-dose blister packaging: These 30day supplies of a medication clearly show whether a patient took a medication on a given day or time of day.
  • Unit-dose “strip” packaging: Each pouch is clearly labeled with the date, time and medication information. The patient simply tears off the puch from the strip and opens it to take the scheduled closes.

Benefits for your practice and your patients:

  • Safer medication regimens for your patterns
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Saves your staff time with fewer calls and pulls each month
  • Ideal for patients with caregivers, home-heatlh aides or residing in assisted-living facilities.
  • also ideal for busy patients or patients who travel frequently